NPU Xi’an Sunset Dawn Festival June 2016. With the sun setting over Xi’an, and dawn breaking over Mexico City – it’s time for the Mexican waltz!

The Sunset Dawn Vision

As you gaze into the sunset, where across the globe will the sun now be rising, and who might now be gazing into the dawn? This is the vision that inspired an arts and media initiative connecting the sunset and the dawn across the globe, and it begins by creating a stage for a global festival of music and dance, drama, literature and the visual arts. Conceived by poet and song writer Tim Kingham, and launched in 2011 as a midsummer festival in Liverpool with links to the dawn breaking over Shanghai and the Asia Pacific, the Sunset Dawn is in essence a festival of connexion, celebration, and awakening:

  • connexion between cities and locations across the globe within a coherent and often spectacularly beautiful natural frame
  • celebration of the humanity and the planet we share
  • awakening to the creative potential of a 24/7 globalized world

Open to all spiritual and cultural traditions without seeking to promote any one over and above the others, the Sunset Dawn can be staged as a festival in its own right or as part of other festivals on the international calendar linking communities across the globe (e.g. Diwali, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year…). It also has the potential to enhance EXPO 2020 Dubai and a burgeoning host of initiatives that seek to bring today’s global connectivity into a harmonious, natural and ethical frame. Festivals are not just limited to the hours around sunset. Following in the much admired tradition of White Nights in St Petersburg, Light Nights have become increasingly popular in museums, galleries and arts quarters all over the world. The Sunset Dawn gives Light Nights a meaningful context, and a magic all of their own.

With light as its medium connecting the hemispheres, the magic of the Sunset Dawn extends far beyond the festival stage. We invite you to explore that magic over the following pages:

  • Live: Web links to find the times of sunrise and sunset and a day and night map. We will be adding in live images soon.
  • Festivals: Previews of upcoming events, plans for the future, and video and pictures of events we’ve held so far.
  • Projects: Ideas on the drawing board for a Sunset Dawn experience that will both educate and inspire.
  • University of light: Not an institution, but a holistic approach to education and research based on the Sunset Dawn as a model of global awakening.